How to Create Strong Essay Topics, With 10 Trending Topic Examples

Are you searching for the perfect essay topic that will elevate your writing to new heights? Look no further. In this concise guide, we’ll explore how to generate strong essay topics that align with today’s trends and captivate your audience. Understanding the Essence of Essay Topics Before we dive into the strategies for generating strong essay topics, let’s clarify the role of an essay topic. It serves as the compass for your essay, shaping the content, direction, and overall theme. Defining your essay topic helps determine what you will explore, how you’ll investigate the subject, the elements you’ll cover, and the sources you’ll use to support your thesis statement.

Strategies for Creating Essay Topics

  1. Freewriting: Start by letting your mind wander. Jot down questions, insights, observations, and points of interest related to the type of essay you’re writing.
  2. Researching Others’ Thoughts: Familiarize yourself with existing discussions on your chosen subject. Read what others have said about it, which can inspire you to contribute your unique perspective.
  3. Answering Your Questions: Think about the essay type and questions that would satisfy you in essay form. This approach ensures personal engagement and interest in your writing.
  4. Finding Gaps in Existing Knowledge: Explore what hasn’t been said about your subject. This provides an opportunity to contribute with a thought-provoking, original essay.

Writing Topics for Different Essay Types

  1. Argumentative Essay: Generate topics with clear “sides” that can be supported and defended with specific evidence. For instance, explore the likely repercussions of changing the legal voting age.
  2. Compare-and-Contrast Essay: Identify subjects with discernible similarities and differences. Consider comparing themes in two contemporary poems or exploring different angles of a shared topic.
  3. Political Essay: Propose solutions to present social and political challenges. Topics might include improvements to the housing market, unique perspectives on legislation, or insights into current political challenges.
  4. Analytical Essay: Drill down to the components of a work or issue. For example, explore how online classes have permanently changed our approach to education.
  5. Personal Essay: Reflect on a topic from your own life, discussing thoughts and feelings. Consider exploring events or experiences that have left a lasting impression.
  6. Persuasive Essay: Persuade the reader to support a specific action or stance on trending and divisive issues. Examples include examining the harms of single-use plastic or discussing the merits of dropping SAT scores from university admissions decisions.

Essay Topic vs. Thesis Statement While an essay topic is broader, a thesis statement concisely states the author’s position. For example:

  • Topic: Changing the legal voting age
  • Thesis: When nations lower the legal voting age to 16, youth civic participation increases. The United States should reduce the voting age to 16 to combat low voter turnout among young adults.

Here are 10 Strong Essay Topic Examples:

  1. Environmental Impact: The harms of single-use plastic.
  2. Consumer Culture: Planned obsolescence in modern products.
  3. Culinary Debates: The controversial appeal of pineapple on pizza.
  4. Community Building: How can we be better neighbors in the digital age?
  5. Education Challenges: Innovative ways to make writing easier for high school students.
  6. Family Traditions: My grandmother’s cooking and its significance.
  7. Unique Perspectives: A pivotal trip that shaped my worldview.
  8. Self-Reflection: My reaction to reading my own published writing.
  9. Pet Ownership: Why I’ll never have another pet pig.
  10. Social Media Influence: The addictive nature of social media and its impact on society.

Therefore, in a world where effective communication is essential, these strong essay topics will serve as the foundation for your compelling essays. Happy writing!

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