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Academic Fortune is the go-to source of academic help knowledge. We educate people from all continents on the best essay and dissertation writing service websites. 

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It’s pretty simple — we started Academic Fortune back in 2012 as a way to help people make the right decisions when choosing essay or dissertation writing services. Since 2012, Academic Fortune’s dedicated team of experts has rigorously reviewed: 1300+ Essay and dissertation Writing Websites; 40+ Tutoring Services; and 20+ Online Learning Platforms.

In-depth Research

Rigorous and expert reviewsof global academic writing platforms.

Honest Researchers

Unbiased reviews from trustworthy academics on writing service websites.


Comprehensive reviews into essay and dissertation writing service providers.

Updated Reviews

Timely assessments of academic writing service platforms worldwide.

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Our professional and dedicated team of researchers and editors spend their days reviewing the best essay and dissertation writing websites, delving into details so you don’t have to. Our commitment extends beyond merely presenting options; we aim to empower individuals by providing comprehensive insights, ensuring that every choice is not just informed but also tailored to their unique academic needs. 

Our Ownership

Academic Fortune was founded in 2012 as an independent site that reviews essay and dissertation services and covers stories related to academic help. Today, our team, comprising hundreds of educational researchers, writers, and editors, continues to assist readers in seeking help online.

Comprehensive Reviews

Academic Fortune is your top choice guide for essay and dissertation writing services. We’re here to make your decisions easier by providing the best options. Our mission is to empower you to make informed choices, simplifying the decision-making process. Our devoted team of researchers and editors rigorously reviews these services so that you don’t have to.

Team: A team of 47 academics, researchers, writers, and editors, all dedicated to helping you make the right decisions when selecting an essay or dissertation writing website.

Based In: Over 5 countries across the globe

Our Values

Academic Fortune, guided by values of honesty, professionalism, dedication, and teamwork, offers transparent and expertly tailored academic assistance. Trust us for collaborative solutions that empower your educational journey with integrity and excellence.


Transparent, truthful dealings build trust in academic support partnerships.


Exemplary conduct and expertise in delivering top-notch academic assistance services.


Tireless commitment to providing tailored, effective solutions for educational challenges.


Collaborative efforts ensure a cohesive and supportive environment for academic success.

Envision Academic Fortune as a globally recognised authority, providing unwaveringly honest, dedicated, and insightful guidance. We aspire to shape the future of online academic help, facilitating informed decisions and fostering academic excellence worldwide.
We started Academic Fortune to offer users honest, committed and helpful insights when searching for the best essay & dissertation writing service providers by publishing information and insights related to online academic help.

More About Academic Fortune

What We Do: Academic Fortune is your go-to comparison platform, curating the top 5 essay and dissertation writing websites across diverse academic support services. We’re committed to simplifying your decision-making process and empowering you to make informed choices in the realm of essay and dissertation writing services.

What We Do: Setting unparalleled standards, we deliver comprehensive reviews, how-to guides, and informative articles. Our meticulously researched tables and charts facilitate quick product comparisons. Our scoring system, grounded in robust data from varied sources, ensures accuracy.

We Earn Commissions: To sustain our commitment to providing crucial information, we earn commissions through affiliate links. While these commissions influence partner placement, they don’t compromise our unbiased reviews. Transparency is our priority.

Affiliate Links and How They Work: Our reviews are authentic, reflecting hours of dedicated research. We don’t receive payment for partner reviews. Discover our rigorous review methodology, ensuring credibility as a leading authority.


Since 2012, we have evaluated and reviewed: 

  • 1300+ Essay & Dissertation Writing Websites
  • 40+ Tutoring Services
  • 20+ Online Learning Platforms
  • 17,843 Real User Reviews, Ratings, Comments

Transparency in Partnerships: Occasionally, you’ll find links that may earn us commissions or referral bonuses. Sponsored content is identified, emphasizing transparency and integrity in our partnerships. Academic Fortune is dedicated to building trust between consumers and the academic support industry. 

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